About You


Buried in emails

  • You have thousands or tens of thousands of messages and want to reduce clutter and automated newsletters.
  • You have multiple email addresses and want to consolidate down to fewer inboxes.
  • Your current email service feels outdated and you want to transition to something modern.

Stuck on paper

  • You've got a day planner or desk calendar that you don't always have with you, and want to go digital with something online or on your smartphone.
  • Your contacts list is scattered and not in one centralized place for easy access and updating.

Your smartphone will self-destruct in five seconds...

  • You're worried that if you touch a button, it will explode.
  • You need to update to a new smartphone, but aren't sure how to get everything transferred from your old phone to your new phone.
  • You don't fully understand everything your smartphone can do, and need help reviewing settings and de-cluttering apps/data.

File Management

  • You feel lost anytime someone sends you a document on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Your computer is a disorganized mess of files, and you don't know how to find important stuff when you need it.
  • You want to learn how to store files online for easy access anywhere but don't know how to get started.

Websites / Blogs

  • You want a simple website or blog, but have no idea how to get started or maintain a website.
  • You feel lost and confused about how social media works.

About Me


Technical Experience

I've known a time before the internet and have grown up working with computers and surfing the waves of the web. I enjoy organizing files, managing digital accounts, and playing with settings on any device or app I use. I've worked for a web hosting company for several years, and assisted individuals on a daily basis with management of their accounts and online needs.


My Mission

Many people use all sorts of digital tools that simply feel like magic to them, and they don't fully understand how to take advantage of all their features. I want to help people thrive with those tools and become more effective communicators.


Take Back Your Tech!

You own your tech -- it does not own you! Let's find a way to help you dominate your digital lifestyle and enjoy managing your data, so that it's no longer a chore, but fun and productive.


Tell me about yourself and what you need help with.

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Let's talk about your personal tech needs. We can set up a one-hour consultation to see if we can develop some strategies to service you.


Phoenix, Arizona, United States